Mandeep Kaur Sandhu

Founder & Instructor of Mandeep Hot Yoga

Mandeep Kaur Sandhu is an acclaimed Teacher from The Bikram Yoga College of India
– USA. She has trained under the maestro Bikram Choudhury, a pioneer in Hot Yoga all
over the world. Post her training she has been an Instructor in Bikram’s Yoga Center –
Mumbai before she decided to take the initiative in developing her own series for the
benefits of Yoga students in India and all over the world. Her vast experience as a Hot
Yoga Instructor in Bikram’s studio in Mumbai and Pune gave her the depth to develop
the series which shall here on go by Mandeep Hot Yoga. Starting with the founding of
the very first Mandeep’s Hot Yoga Center and building to a presence that is now soon to
be recognized worldwide.

Mandeep Hot Yoga’s beginnings can be traced to a park in Chauwala, a district in
Haryana, India, where Mandeep Kaur would teach basic mind-body exercises in the early
mornings, as the weather permitted. But as her practice in the park gained popularity over
the next few months, students asked to meet year-round, not just when the skies were

In 2007, Mandeep Kaur finally left for U.S.A. and rented a small studio space in U.S:
where she trained herself with various Yoga institutes and Center’s to gain more
knowledge in different styles of yoga, before she herself designed and put in order, this
series of Mandeep Hot Yoga. After experiencing various forms and knowledge from all
around the world on yoga, she is offering the universe her unique energized form and the
world is ready to embrace the first Mandeep Hot Yoga Center.

Born in India – Haryana in 1984, Mandeep Kaur once struggled through school. But she
still had an inner craving to discover her purpose in life, and sought knowledge in
different ways. After engaging in an intense 10 year practice in yoga, Mandeep Kaur
came to the realization that her energy—and all humans’ energy—is one with the energy
of the entire universe. She also concluded that humans can either heal or destroy Earth
based on how they harness the power of their yoga. Those realizations have been the
inspiration for Mandeep Hot Yoga.

Mandeep Kaur, is striving to share her vision in new ways, and wishes to empower
individuals to positively change themselves, and the world, through yoga.


  • India – 5 TIMES Gold Winner – National Yoga Asana Championship.
  • Universities – 7 Times Gold Winner – Inter Universities.
  • Internationally – Trained under Bikram Yoga College of India and a certified Bikram Yoga Teacher after having completed Bikram Teacher Training course in Las Vegas. U.S.A.
  • Doctorate in Alternative Medicine – Acclaimed and Certified Doctor from The Indian Board of Alternative Medicines in 2004, as a Naturopathic & Yoga Doctor.
  • Gold Medalist in Air Rifle Shooting from Kurukshetra University of Haryana – India.


  • Bachelor of Arts from Kurukshetra University of Haryana – India.
  • Master of Physical Education (M.P.ED) from Kurukshetra University of Haryana – India.

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