Mandeep Kaur - Founder & Trainer of Mandeep Hot Yoga Mumbai

Mandeep Kaur has been a leader in Yoga education for the past few years, starting with the founding of the very first Mandeep Hot Yoga Center and looking forward on building to a presence that is to be recognized worldwide. Born in India - Haryana in 1984, Mandeep Kaur once struggled through school. But she still had an inner craving to discover her purpose in life, and sought knowledge in different ways. After engaging in an intense 10 year practice in yoga, Mandeep Kaur came to the realization that her energy—and all humans’ energy—is one with the energy of the entire universe. She also concluded that humans can either heal or destroy Earth based on how they harness the power of their yoga. Those realizations have been the inspiration for Mandeep Hot Yoga. Mandeep Hot Yoga’s beginnings can be traced to a park in Chawala, a district in Haryana, India, where Mandeep Kaur would teach basic mind-body exercises in the park, which gained popularity over the years. In 2007, Mandeep Kaur finally left for U.S.A. and rented a small studio space in U.S: where she trained herself with various Yoga institutes and Center’s to gain more knowledge in different styles of yoga, before she designed and innovated series of Mandeep Hot Yoga. After experiencing various forms and knowledge from all around the world on yoga, she is offering the universe her unique energized form and the world is ready to embrace the first Mandeep Hot Yoga Center whch is now opened in Andheri. Mandeep Kaur, is striving to share her vision in new ways, has spent over a decade crafting training programs, articulating yoga education methods, attending and participating in conferences and events: to empower individuals to positively change themselves, and the world, through yoga.


Mandeep has also done various Seminars. Recently she was the Guest speaker for more than 300 teachers in Jamnabai Narsee School, where she shared knowledge on Yoga, Hot Yoga, and various Fitness regimes, for people who are busy in their professional and personal lives. Amongst her personal trainings Mandeep has resolved certain cases, which had medical history of Various Forms.


Kokila was a woman aged 50 plus, and she could barely sit on the ground, as her joints in her legs, all the way from knee to her ankles were in no condition to take her body weight. She was not able to bend and sit on the floor. But after 3 months of her training with Mandeep in Hot Yoga now she is in such a remarkable state, wherein she can sit down on the floor easily and that too in Japanese position for as long as she wants.


Rajwant Kaur has been a girl who had skin problem, wherein she would have rashes all over her body, and at times she would develop hives on her skin, which were embarrassing. She started her training with Mandeep and within 3 months of her training in Hot Yoga, the temperature and the series of postures helped her to detox her internal system, at the same time cleansed her skin. Today she is enjoying Hot Yoga with Mandeep and looking as fresh as she was in her teens.


Murtuza has been living a dysfunctional life, wherein he would feel lack of energy, and strength to live every day, after he had a fall from 5th Floor of his apartment. He developed breathing problem as in Asthama got critical and he developed a lock in his Spine, whereby he would not be able to move and would live bedridden life for 30 sometimes 40 days at a stretch. His body had almost given up on him, and he had tried every medicine to support his system, but failed. Once he started training under Mandeep with Hot Yoga, he is living a new Life now. He is a Man who religiously swears by Hot Yoga and is a regular practitioner of Mandeep’s Hot Yoga. He is happy now to live his life with full energy and strength. Murtuza has no breathing problem anymore, and his Spine is absolutely perfect. So much so, that he has got his WIFE and his TWO KIDS also enrolled for this Wellness Product – Mandeep Hot Yoga, and the whole family enjoys this Yoga regularly, to live a happy and healthy way of life.


Vijay Kumar has been a male who had High Blood pressure when he came for his Hot Yoga After his one year of training with Mandeep in Hot Yoga today his blood pressure is normal and lives a medicine free life to keep his Blood Pressure in check.


Vipul had High Cholesterol and was restricted from eating various food which would include Butter, Cheese or any fried foods. He started training under Mandeep with her WELLNESS PRODUCT of Hot Yoga and now he is cured and healthy. He is free to eat any foods of his choice, within limits, and his cholesterol is completely under control. These are just few case studies. There are numerous HEALTH BENEFITS with Mandeep Hot Yoga.